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Food for Thought

I was sitting in the lobby of my tax attorney today reading a Newsweek magazine when a certain article caught my attention: All I Want for Christmas is a Brand-New Face (guess their subscription ran out last December).  Anyway, it described how Americans were scrimping and saving except for cosmetic surgery.  Here’s a couple statistics: between 2009 and 2010, Americans spent 3.8 percent less on food yet 8.1 percent more on eyelid surgery, and a whopping 24.4 percent more on butt lifts.  All of this while the average American income fell because of the failing economy.

So what does it mean when a segment of society says it would rather have a nice ass than a good meal?  I think it’s a sign we need to take a serious look at the extreme emphasis we put on our craving for outward acceptance. What is it that we really want?  We all want love and acceptance and as psychologist Tamara McClintock-Greenberg explains it comes from within.


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