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Sharing our Fears

So many women in our culture feel a bit panicked when they reach middle age.  Of course biology is part of the equation, but so too are the messages of our society.  For example, older workers have a harder time getting a job or finding love.  We might feel good about our talents, skills and experience yet there’s this nagging feeling that we’re losing our value and becoming invisible.  This is a scary and painful time for many mid-lifers.  It’s especially daunting when we sit with these thoughts in isolation.

That’s what inspired me to connect with other women, to hear their thoughts and concerns about growing older.  My purpose is to create a dialogue around this issue so we know we are not alone.

Let’s hear from Michelle Schmidt Nirenstein who has mixed feelings about being an older woman seeking employment.  I would also love to hear your story so we can support and inspire each other as a community.


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2 thoughts on “Sharing our Fears

  1. Joy Kincaid on said:

    Michelle, I would hire you in a “New York Minute” if I had a position for you, however, I am a one woman show…me, myself and I!

  2. … you are a gemstone…always precious value…time does not change that

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