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Women’s Worth

Did you know that 62 percent of the female population in the United States is over 40?  Though this powerful group of women have accomplished so much, many are experiencing extreme fear over the aging process and going from mild to drastic measures to ensure they will still be relevant to society.   The message from the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries is if you don’t look youthful, you are no longer of value.

And numbers show their massive marketing campaigns are working. A report put out by showed that one in five middle-aged women are considering plastic surgery. These women represent an estimated market worth more than $75 billion. There is every incentive to make women feel fearful and unhappy about growing older. Whatever you do, don’t show any signs that you’ve lived a life of happiness and earned those laugh lines, or times of sorrow where those frown lines are well deserved.

I talked with Susannah Woerner a RN who gives Botox injections and has a booming business.

So I’ll leave you with this question: Instead of giving away $75 billion to plastic surgeons and corporate mega-executives so they can buy their second homes, what if we take that money and spend it on improving the world? Now that’s something to feel good about.


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