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Women’s Power – on International Women’s Day

Swirling thoughts through my mind about the comments I’ve recently heard from older women, and I wonder why I feel a bit uneasy.  Just to give you an idea, here are some of statements overheard during “innocent” conversations:  I wish I was young and hot again, I’m getting my face and neck done, I feel like such an old hag, nobody’s going to hire me now that I’m in my 50’s, men in their 50’s only want younger women, I wish I could start a new career, but I’m too old, I look in the mirror and get so depressed, nobody looks at me anymore, I feel invisible.

I think you get it. With all these words, why wouldn’t it start chipping away at an aging woman’s soul? I like to use the word aging as it’s a part of reality, not a bad thing, just what happens in the cycle of life.

At 52 I feel I’m at my peak, not disappearing into oblivion.  As older women, we know ourselves so much better than we did when we were 20 something and trying to impress and please people who didn’t even really even matter to begin with.  We’ve now honed our craft to a point that we can teach others and be a valuable asset in our jobs, careers, children’s lives, and whatever we want to produce in the world.  We are at the TOP, not in decline.

Sure, our faces and bodies are changing, that’s a good thing, it’s nature and it’s the essence of being a human being, not a commodity that can only be useful if we are young.

So, on this International Women’s Day, let us proclaim that we are proud of where we are in the cycle of life, that we will no longer speak those words that break us down.  Instead we agree to empower and embolden ourselves and each other, realizing we don’t have to put up with any more crap from society and the media, that we are even stronger and more influential than ever before.

We have the power to create and move forward, not backwards in time wishing we were the new, shiny object on the scene.  Those days are gone, and what a relief to know we

now have the license to kick ass with passion and grace to fall into a life well lived. 


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