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New Wrinkle is a film that captures the dread of feeling like an older woman in our society.  From the bombardment of anti-wrinkle cream ads to the well-placed images of “before and after” cosmetic surgery in newspapers, magazines and online.  Even if you tune out media, you can’t help but feel the pressure of our youth-obsessed culture in every day conversation.

Many women report they feel anxious and panic-stricken when they hit their middle years, thinking they will soon become invisible. Each year Americans spend $12 billion on cosmetic procedures. It’s a perfect storm of greed and desire.  The film takes us on a journey through the eyes of women who are caught up in the obsession to turn back the clock, those who are profiting, and the few who have the courage to write a new script.  Can you imagine what 150 million women can do if we change our minds?

About Producer, Director Terri Hardesty

Terri Hardesty is a Bay Area filmmaker:  former award-winning TV news reporter and producer of an Oscar-nominated documentary. She is passionate about bringing to the forefront cultural issues that are ignored in the mainstream media. Combined with her love of journalism, she is fascinated by human behavior and holds a master’s degree in psychology.


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