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Ruth’s Spirit

The movie Harold and Maude came to mind when I was recently standing in a line at a Pharmacy.

There was an elderly woman who never stopped smiling, joking and sharing her spirit193308 with those around her.  I was instantly taken by her as she exhibited all the life-affirming qualities as Ruth Gordon in the 1971 cult classic Harold and Maude.

When we began talking I looked into her lucid and wide eyes full of curiosity and wonder about the world.  We started laughing together, and she said she liked to be silly…me too…both of us began acting like goof-balls.  It’s like we became kindred spirits in that moment and the age barrier had disappeared.  The 81 year old had the same soul and sprit as she did when she was a child.

I gave her a hug and we laughed all the way to our cars.  I wanted to take her home, but instead, I decided to write about her essence so that it can live on beyond my own limited experience.

As a culture we are apt to ignore those that have saggy, frail bodies…our eyes engage with those who have soft skin, flawless features, pretty teeth, full lips and a toned body.  But if we can train ourselves to look beyond the deep furrows and droopy skin, we see a whole inner array of beauty that extends time.

On a side note my grandmother’s name Is Ruth and she too was full of life and wonder until the end. This woman in the store was a reminder of her spirit and kindness.


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