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Old is the New Young

As younger women we are taught to fear growing older and we conjure up what we don’t want instead of what we can accomplish later in life. The influence of the media and advertisements are a main reason why we feel this way.

For example, I just opened O Magazine and for the first 12 pages this is what I saw: Infuse Youth; younger looking skin in a flash; erase the look of lines, pores and wrinkles in seconds; age youthfully; time in a bottle – and my personal favorite – you’re only as young as your neck.

Theresa McGuire, a hairdresser in Marin County exemplifies what many women are experiencing. As she is cutting hair, she is peering at herself in the mirror. McGuire says she feels ugly and old as she continuously analyzes her face. Because of her fear of aging, she has had a number of cosmetic procedures done, costing thousands of dollars. She is one of the 15 million Americans that spent $11 billion on cosmetic surgery procedures last year.

So why do we try so hard? It is built securely in our culture that women are never supposed to feel good about their appearance, young or old. And it’s time to change the conversation…that’s why I am in the process of putting a film together called New Wrinkle.

It’s up to us to develop a new game plan. We are at a distinct moment in history when our sheer numbers give us unheard of power in which to change the conversation about aging.


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