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Free Consultation

A quick glance in the mirror isn’t what it used to be. The passing of years shows on my face, but my soul still emanates a peaceful sense of beauty and perfection that is timeless. This is when cruel reality takes its toll, and I feel compelled to head to the chic new spa that just opened around the corner.  I’ve seen the headlines in the marquee: come in for a free consultation and rejuvenate your spirit.

I enter the spa where a girl with a high-pitched voice and a smooth, fresh-face excitedly checks me in for my appointment.  She rushes me to the relaxation room where I watch a video that promises to lift a sagging brow.  Just then a young woman with a flawless, glossy complexion escorts me to my room. “My name is Emily, please tell me what you are looking for?”  As she gazes at my face, I don’t waste a second to tell her that I would like to rid my face of fine-lines, dark spots and blemishes…in short, all imperfections and signs of aging, please. She assures me this is possible.  An hour later, I walk out of my “free” consultation having spent $400.

This was no magician’s slight-of-hand trick; this was a carefully crafted marketing campaign.  And while I like to think I’m unique, I’m not unlike the millions of other women, whom on a daily basis, freely hand over their hard-earned cash, all because of an innocent look in the mirror.


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