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New Wrinkle

Hello Friends,

I’m very excited to write my first blog post on this very important subject that I’ve been grappling with for years.  After I turned 40, I began to notice that society was sending me a new message about what I needed to focus on, mainly my wrinkles.  One or two were okay, as long as they were slight and only appeared when I showed expression.  The ones that became more deeply etched and prominent were cause for extreme alarm, a call for action.  I began to find myself spending more and more time and money on expensive wrinkle creams, facials, skin treatments and avoiding the sun altogether.  I felt a sense that something terrible was on the horizon — that I would look worn and weary, and worse yet, would become invisible to the opposite sex.

As a former TV news reporter, I was used to being in front of the camera, wrinkle-free, now I was wondering what were my options.  That is how the idea for a film developed.  I scoured the internet, journals, books and TV  looking for some kind of answers.  Maybe other women were feeling this way.  To my horror, what I kept seeing plastered all over the media were images of young women armed with anti-aging lotions, older women getting Botox, laser treatments, cosmetic procedures, chin lifts, eye lifts, butt lifts, boob enhancements and fat removal from every part of their face and body.  Was this the answer?  I needed to find out, so I began on the journey of producing my own documentary.  On this discovery mission, I’m asking women in their middle years what they are feeling, experiencing or dreading.  I too explore the possibilities of Botox, cosmetic procedures and hours at the gym.  Is there anything wrong with a little this-or-that?  What do men think?  What are plastic surgeons promising us?  Are women buying into the message that they are less valuable because they are losing their youthful appearance?  Are they happier spending exorbenent amounts of time and money to keep their face and bodies tight, toned and lifted?

I hope you will follow me on this journey — become a part of the dialogue.  I welcome you to express your feelings about becoming an older woman in America.  The documentary is called New Wrinkle and is currently in production.  This blog is for everyone who wants a voice in a media too focused on turning back the clock.  It’s time to evolve into a new paradigm, one in which all women are valued, even the ones with the wrinkles.


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6 thoughts on “New Wrinkle

  1. K. Benedict on said:

    What a great topic. Can’t wait to watch the documentary.

  2. Good work Terri!

    I spend probably an average amount on facial products. Never buy drugstore brands though, only shop Nordstrom, or thru my dermatologist. I try not to go overboard… that’s pretty easy to do, given the prices on some of these products!

    I’ve never tried any other kind of beauty treatment, like botox etc. Never had a peel. I have very sensitive skin, so I pretty much know the outcome… red rash! it’s not worth it to me right now.

    With the grace of mother nature, even though wrinkles are showing up, weight is harder to lose, little brown spots are appearing on my hands and arms… I care less! Don’t get me wrong, I still have vanity and care how I look in the mirror, but I am less insecure about myself, and care less about what others think.

    THAT’S the beauty of aging!

  3. Susan Hardesty on said:

    I do care about aging and wrinkles, sagging body parts and particularly a sagging neck but I am unwilling to have surgery or procedures that necessitate going under the knife and/or anesthetic. So I try to have a comprehensive approach
    to the unpleasant results of aging. I try to eat nutritiously, work out at the gym, use
    quality face creams, have my hair styled, and strive to live a less stressful life. I guess at my age I am just greatful to be enjoying life and have less concern about wrinkles, etc. than I used to.

    I do think our society is overly concerned with appearances and superficiality. I am greatful to you Terri for making this documentary to shed light on the whole sorry

    I read a book by Nora Ephron entitled “I Feel Bad About My Neck”. I will quote her:
    “every so often I read a book about age, and whoever’s writing it says its great to be old. It’s great to be wise and sage and mellow; it’s great to be at the point where you understand just what matters in life. I can’t stand people who say things like this.
    What can they be thinking? Don’t they have necks?”

    • Tod Hardesty on said:

      What a great quote mom. I laughed and smiled. As I approach the big 50 I do think about aging as well. But it is more like, wow, I have lived almost half a century. Put three of these together and go back in time. We didn’t even have cars as well as movies, news media, etc. I am not to worried about aging other than coming to a natural acceptance of what will ultimately happen. But that is ok. I just hope to live long enough to see my kids grow into adults and maybe some grandchildren.

      Love Tod

  4. Looking forward to your investigation into “beauty as commodity” or “youth as value” issues that most women (and more increasingly men) face almost from birth. Can’t wait for the doc!

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